Le Mans MK1 racing front end.

My Le Mans MK2 came fitted with a MK1 racing front end when I bought it last year. It also came with the original MK2 front end all in good condition and boxed up safe. The seller did say it was fiddly to do as the new forks are closer together.
I can’t say it’s any better or worse as I’ve not tried out the MK2 ones to tell the difference.
My question is should I keep the bike as is then sell the original forks (and use the money for electronic Ignition)? Also how much is a complete front end worth (with aftermarket fork brace)? As a footnote the racing bottom yolk does not have a hole for the steering lock to go into.

Is the MK1 racing front end a Marzocchi 38mm conversion or something else? The Marzocchi conversion actually works far better than the standard forks.

Hi Pugwash (captain?). When I get in tonight I’ll measure the fork stanchion diameter and centre distance. I’ve somebody interested in buying the original front end )who bought exhausts I sold on eBay recently). Thanks for info. Not exactly sure why the front end got changed - the originals are perfect.

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Hi Fairytale,
The yokes on the Marzocchi’s are big flat items and there are no handlebar clamps on the top one.I have a MK1 with them on and they transform the handling from the poorly damped originals. If you are looking at selling the bike on eventually most people out there seem to be going for originality for investment value. If your going to keep it and use it then use whichever front end is best.These bikes do like to be ridden.