Le Mans MK2 Battery

Grateful for opinions on best battery for standard Le Mans Mk2,
At V twin meet a lot of people recommended Odyssey
but I note Guzzibits has Motobatt, any thoughts ?,
also if one make which model ?

Motobatt are cheaper and just as good

I’ve got lawnmower batteries in both my Guzzis. Cheaper and seem to work well.


Go for car battery Code 895. Tanya batteries do a Lucas lawn motor battery decent amp hour plenty enough for the Guzzi £32. I have a GS lawn motor battery in mine works perfectly even in the depths of winter. Most batteries come with two year warranty. The AGM batteries are more than twice this price and yes they will start your engine as well. The only disadvantage is they really need smart chargers to charge them. With all batteries they need love if the bike is not used for months.

We like Oddyseys …but then …we do occasionally require them to start the bike at 3 am sub zero…

Motobatt are cheaper but also bigger than the Odyssey, which I prefer as it leaves room to stuff some tools etc down beside it, the tool tray being a little on the small side in my opinion.

Thanks all, which Odyssey do you use PC680 ?

Whilst lead acid technology has improved over the years it can’t keep up with Odyssey/Motobatt etc.
As noted Odyssey leave a bit more room
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I use a 680 on my 1000S, the first one lasted for seven or eight years. I was advised by Motorworks (who did Guzzi stuff at the time, that’s how long ago it was) not to use a trickle charger on it as it wouldn’t like it, by the way.

Thanks that is helpful, I like the idea of more space and a little less weight