Le Mans UJ Carrier Bearing Removal Tool

Sorry to create a new post but wanted people to see this as it may be of help…

Having just about removed the circlip that holds the UJ bearing carrier in place, I was unable to use a socket to knock out the bearing as the swingarm has an indentation in it (factory standard - not damaged). So I made up my own tool. Some 10mm thread bar with a pair of nuts locked together. The biggest thick washer/spacer i could drop down the swingarm (just big enough to cover the inner race). A thick alloy disc I had knocking about supported by two thick pieces of wood jammed against the end of the swingarm. Clamp the bar in a vice and tighten down on a nut. Took quite a lot of pressure (torque?) to free the bearing but away it came!

I now have the UJ soaking in oil. One end seems ok but the other is a bit stiff (from lack of movement I guess). I didn’t notice which end was in the carrier bearing (I’m assuming the stiff end)?? Once it’s soaked I’ll see if the ends are the same diameter.

The swingarm bearing seem fine - is it OK just to feed some grease in there? Is it worth trying to get the they rubber washers out?


To be honest I’ve just assumed it’s sealed so left it alone.

Re the stiff UJ bearings, that’s a bit worrying, should all be perfectly free to flop about (but no sideways play obviously). It may be a sign that the needle rollers have worn out (gone oval) and starting to break up, thus adding friction…

You should find one end will go into the support bearing (most likely the shiny end), the other will not.

The end that was in the bearing is doubtless loose, they’re not when they’re new, but they go like that with use (they all do that Sir). Recommendation is reinsert with locking compound, but which is a short term fix as it will just go loose again.

EDIT: keep forgetting, congrats on the tool by the way, cool

Tool looks good. I wouldn’t mess with a dodgy UJ. Nigel at NBS will renew the bearings in yours if you don’t fancy doing it yourself. And yes, an annual inspection of the joint and a new smear of Loctite twixt UJ and bearing inner doesn’t go amiss.

Great idea! Better than beating the c*#p out of it with a long bar :slight_smile: Cheers Steve

Last time did mine with a certain size socket on the end of 1/2" drive extension bars, and big 'ammer; just occured to me I can use the above method still using the same socket, and a big plate of whatever on the other end.

similar solution for me, but used an old BSW box spanner and copper-headed hammer or hydraulic press at work. Â Re getting new ones in: put bearing in freezer (in a bag!) and swinging arm in airing cupboard for an hour or so first! Ditto when it comes to the UJ itself. Â Always use new circlip!