Le Mans wanted for filming

Alex Rollings, the gent who has made films of Nicks cafe racer, my cafe racer and Derek’s V7 for his Classic Motorcycle channel has put out the following request on Facebook…

Hi, I work for The Classic Motorcycle Channel and we recently got in touch with the group to produce a video on the V7 (old vs new) - the video turned out great, thank you to all those involved. We’re now looking to produce a video on the evolution of the Le Mans. In our ideal world we’d have all the models lined up so we can show the evolution of them from one to the next. Does anyone in the group have every version? Is there a gathering where all the bikes will be together? Just starting to make initial enquiries and writing the script. Feel free to message me. Kind regards, Alex P.S. You may have seen this post before, we had a lot of recommendations to post this in this group.

Post up if you want to help and I’ll put you in touch

It depends how far each way you want to go before and after. There was the original Le Mans then mark II, III, IV and V some say that the 1000S can be included but to my mind although it is a great bike it is a retro version of the Mk V Lemans styled as the iconic 750S of 1974. To me the final Le Mans probably was the 1100 Sport but the factory did produce the later V11 Le Mans.

Prior to the Le Mans was the 750S (the S3 to some minds was a T3 in wolf’s clothing, that one always gets a heated response) before that the V7 Sport and before that only factory endurance racers based on the V7 tourers. Take your pick, I’m sure club members have most of these squirreled away in their garages! And that is not even mentioning the sports versions of the smaller capacity bikes!

I think you should be more specific in your requirements. May I suggest that you read Moto Guzzi Sport & Le Mans Bible by Ian Falloon IBSN 978-184584064-8 for more detailed information

Good luck

It’s not me making the request. :wink:

Sorry mate, I only saw your name after I replied :unamused:

Might depend on the location and time commitment but I have a Mark V and my mate has a Mark 1, which he has owned for 40 years.

The tough one to get might be the Mark 4 as they are pretty rare now.

I have never heard if anyone who had the whole series, even the museum in Mandello doesn’t as far as I can remember.