Leaky Loop

Pulled Jug out of the bike port last night – moving into the garage for prep to lug my corpulent self over to the Essex branch camp tomorrow afternoon. But woe, there was a malodorous toxicity to the old gal. I can see where there has been some kind of leakage on the LH pot, at around the cylinder head joint, and down on to the runner board. I’m thinking it’s too oily to just be gasoline picking up some grime along the way, but too noxious to just be oil. And it’s attacked the rubber on the runner board. The bike was parked on the side stand so leaning over that way note.

The fuel taps were both off, but I dipped the oil just in case a goodly amount had decanted down. All good. Pulled the plug on that side and spun the motor in case of hydraulic lock – got quite a lot of ‘mist’ blow out. Hmmmm. The bike was last used for the BITM rally which is fairly local, just a few weeks back. I don’t really believe I’ve got a head gasket going but I could do a quick compression test. I do have a new fuel tap fitted on that side (that now includes a reserve position), so I’m a little suspicious of that. There are no other visible signs of where this has come from.

More news as I dig in I suppose …

Hoping it’s just the rocker cover gasket cos it’s been leaning that way? Use it anyway but pack a bottle of oil?

Can’t quite believe it is an oil leak at all. Doesn’t look like it could just be a petrol leak. Trip this weekend is real local so I’ll just see how that goes.

The bike port has a full door across the front and is kept locked, but there were paw prints all over everything there - from a domestic cat I’m thinking. One with a sense of humour and an attitude problem perhaps?

If it smells and tastes like cat’s piss, then it isn’t oil. :confused:

The all new petrol cock with reserve that I fitted just a short time back is not shutting off.

I’ve drained the tank this morning and swapped back to the old original and best tap. Oil in the sump looked black enough that I’ve changed it anyway.

Gonna compression test it whilst it’s up on the table. Be interesting to see how it compares with the 150/150 I got from Blue the other day.

A big healthy 160/165 in fact, so all good there.