LED Headlamp

I’m looking at replacing the bulb in my Le Mans headlamp with an LED item.
I assume it’s a straight swap but does anyone have any experience or recommendations please?


I’ve only done tail lights…

not very impressed with them
you get what you pay for
I have seen cars fitted with them where the colour of the light is a bluesih tinge, and in fog they are all but invisible, I nearly took out a chav in a focus that way
you really need a dedicated unti complete with reflector, plus is the power supply on your bike nice and smooth ? or prone to ripples and surges, it may well finish it off early, for the cost of a decent halogen lamp I would stick to that
I have an LED tail conversion on the brevas as it has a habit of kiling lamps, but no way in the headlight

I have no faith in LED headlights yet ~ maybe in the future… also, the lamp is designed to have its centre of focus on the bulb filament, no way is any LED(s) substitute gonna match that. Just IMHO.

Hello, there was an LED headlight fitted in my 750 Breva (fitted by previous owner) when I got it.
I didn’t like it and it gave some other electrical problems, so I put it back to standard.

Interesting thread.
Thanks to all of you.
RG, how much was your tail light conversion and will I get to see it on Sunday?

By the way I read recently that the same is true of HID, and that is why putting a HID bulb into your made-for-filament-bulb headlight unit could be illegal. If not actually. The centre of the HID light source is not correct for the design of lamp.

I think it was about 8 quid for the LED conversion, straight swap and no probs with vibration
wont have the bike sunday as my drive is blocked for 3 months with building materials for next door !!! well they gotta leave them soemwhere