Led indicators not working…

Hi All
Got this strange problem I cannot seem to fix! Flashers worked fine when I got the bike, but a day later stopped working. Checked all wiring which seems fine I also bought an identical led flasher relay as I thought it must be faulty, but the new relay acts exactly as per the original. if I directly connect the live and flasher input leads at the flasher relay, the led indicators light up fine, confirming earths, positive feeds are all ok, pointing to the relay being the problem? Any advice welcome as it’s driving me nuts!!

Regards Pete

Hi Pete,
Is the switch at the handlebars working properly?

Hi Phil,
Yes, continuity checked it and all working as it should.
I’m thinking maybe the relay is not sensitive enough fo the small current draw of the LEDs? Doesn’t explain why it was working before and not now, but I cannot think of anything else?


Sounds like a poor connection somewhere causing high resistance. Look in the part that you isolated in your test.