LED rear light lamps

I ride a breva 750, for some reason the vibration kills rear light lamps
the number plate light is origional (2003)
I fitted an LED rear lamp, white multi led thingy
however on the MOT the tester pointed out that the difference between rear light and stop light was not great
I know that mopst of the light radiates backwards at about 30 degrees, but even from behind he is quite correct
has any one found bettr quality stop/tail light lamps
I did google it and on you tube on chap did some pretty technical stuff that backs up the tester

I’ve used Paul Goff’s LED rear lights quite lot, mostly on my ultra-lightweights (although I think I fitted two into the lens on my Norton) and they seem all right - no tester has commented, anyway.

aha !
where do I find Paul Goffs contact details ?


Google is your friend :smiley:

All kinds of interesting stuff on there…

Paul is at 62 Clare Road Prestwood Bucks HP16 0NU. Tel:01494 628218 from 09.00 but not after 17.30, Monday to Friday. He has a very useful website at norbsa02.freeuk.com.

Better to send his info via PM than post it here on a public forum?Â

And I’d already posted a link to his web site. :smiley:

Oh dear - ‘should have gone to Specsavers …?’

Are you going to remove the address and phone humber? If that was mine I’d want it removed immediately.

Unless it’s a kosher business address.

Have just googled the tel number, does not match any businesses so I have to assume it’s a private residence.

Karshish’s post of 27th July gives the information as listed on Paul Goff’s website with the exception of the telephone number which has one digit listed incorrectly.

That’s OK then! Difficult to tell as does not look like a business address

Contact details are also part of Paul’s press advertisements.