Does anyone know if the rear LEDs can be replaced in a Stelvio rear light cluster I have 3 that have gone out and am loathe to pay £150 for a new unit. The official version is they are sealed but there is usually someone out there that can either replace em or point one in the right direction.


I cannot answer your question but I am surprised 3 LEDs have failed. They are incredibly robust and should have lifetimes far greater than incandescent bulbs. Might be worth checking the electrical supply and the unit mounting.

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Richard thanks I have checked the mounting and the supply and all is well When time permits I’m going to remove the unit and give it a good dose of contact cleaner. Maybe the service at Moto Strada will find the issue. Thanks again

I have had LED’s go on a Triumph and have heard from others that its not uncommon at all. Doubt Guzzis are different.

On the other hand, filament bulbs have had more than 100 years of research and development No stoppit mustn’t…

I stand corrected! Will keep an eye on the LEDs on my Stelvio. Quite tricky to operate the brakes and watch the brake light.


this topic has been raised on www.guzziriders.org

Sorry for a very late reply but if you are like me then you haven’t thrown the light unit away! I have bought some replacement LEDs to fix my rear light unit which I got from eBay (it’s cheaper now).

A link to the Item is http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AVAGO-TECHNOLOGIES-HSMJ-A401-T40M1-LED-SMD-PLCC4-RED-Price-For-5-/111777348444?hash=item1a0672fb5c


The problem is that this is considered as a consumable item like a light bulb  but price wise …

Yes PROVIDED that their absolute maximum ratings have NOT been exceeded, otherwise the magic smoke is released and then they are toast :smiley:

Like if just a bit of damp causes a current increase in the control circuit or current limiting resistors or whatever.

Just had my rear light unit replaced under warranty (2014 Stelvio), full of condensation and the NS ring of LED’s flickered with the engine running.