LED stop/tail bulbs

Anyone using a red LED stop/tail bulb on an older Guzzi? I assume it needs one which also somehow illuminates the reg plate too? Any links to anything? Thanks.

Try Paul Goff. That’s where I got mine, red led with white ones round the outside. Sorry no details to hand.

Ditto that man, Paul Goff products are generally very goodPaul Goff Electrics Make sure you specify the correct earth (usually -ve on a Guzzi ) as they won’t work the wrong way round. He does a stop tail with 19
red LEDs facing rearward and 6 radially mounted white that give white
numberplate lighting and / or light up the whole of the lens. Should do the job. I did try some cheap ones off ebay from Hong Kong and they were useless.

Thanks blokes for the info. I’m like you Don, will always try Ebay first but Goff is always a good bet, plus he’s just down the road. Do the LEDs make a considerable difference, i.e. brake light brighter?

My cheapy one just made it a nice shade of pink so they are sitting on the shelf,(Never one to throw anything away!, even if it is useless.Not tried a Paul Goff rear one myself, although I have used his LED pilot lights up front in the Spada and the Stornello.

Autobulbs direct sell expensive but quality units had lots of them with no failures yet www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/

I put 2 in my Spada III rear light, they were the christmas tree type with LEDs all round so they could be seen from the side too, they were not cheap (£25 the pair I think) but were very bright. One reason for fitting them was before when I braked the headlamp dimmed! No such problem after fitting.

I used LEDACE from Paul Goff.


The first one didn’t work correctly.

The replacement failed fairly quickly in Italy as it was a poor fit in the bulb holder. I replaced it with a standard filament bulb and my friend, following me, immediately commented on how much brighter the filament bulb was so I’ve left it in there ever since.

Interesting. So maybe not worth the expense then?

Maybe, maybe not but the ones I got from Maldon car accessories were a good fit, brighter than filament bulbs and used much less electrikery. There is also the plus side that they should last for ages and ages. They got my vote.