Lel Mans Mk 1 or series 2

Hi Everyone.
I’m re building a Le Mans Mk 1 for my nephew & not sure if it is a series 2 or not ?
The tail lamp is oblong the headlamp is round.
Frame number is VE11548
The frame is painted red the tank & side panels have been sprayed black but were originally red
Which I intend to have sprayed red.
Should the frame be black with silver fork sliders?

The list of frame numbers on the Dutch owners club suggests it is a series 1 Le-Mans 1
VE 11111 to VE 13040 Le Mans 850.1 (1975 - 1976)
VE 13041 to VE 18146 Le Mans 850.2 (1977 - 1978)


Series 1 of the Le Mans had a rounded rear light set into the mudguard. These and the ones with the square rear light (series 2) are now called Mk I Le Mans whereas they were originally just Le Mans. Mk II Le Mans had square headlight in a big square fairing, front brake calipers behind the forks and a dash with more than just 2 clocks. Many Mk II Le Mans have been turned into Mk I replicas as (in my opinion) they look good with the rounded bikini faring. The engine and frame numbers are the real give away as all parts are interchangeable.

Ian Falloon’s book Sport and Le Mans bible gives 850 Le Mans 1st series 1975-76 frame numbers VE 11111 - VE 13040 2nd series 1977-78 frame numbers VE 13041 - VE 17311 so it would appear to be an 850 Le Mans series 1, but don’t take my word for it! As I said above all parts are interchangeable and there are a lot of replicas out there. frame numbers can be altered!

Snap Don :smiley: