Lemans 2 Fuel hose perishing

Has anyone else suffered from rapidly perishing rubber fuel hoses. I purchased a new rubber cross over hose last year and noticed about a month ago the rubber showing fine crazing. Entered the garage today to find a pool of fuel on the floor and a soggy perished end where it junctions with the fuel tap. I assume this is the dreaded ethanol content. What do people use instead?Â

I use ethanol proof tube but Frequently  have to replace it every year or so, BUT I had to do that BEFORE unleaded petrol too. Tubes just go hard then won’t seal. Or, I need to use stronger clips. Biggest prob seems to be the effect of engine heat. You shouldn’t have a puddle on the floor tho you should really turn the taps off while bike is not used.Â

You can get ethanol proof pipe…google it or better still…use Total fuel or V power, Ultima etc…

Thanks all

Is there a ethanol proof cross over pipe for the lemans off the shelf?Â

I think you’ll have to DIY using length of 6mm hose and original fittings.Â

I’m going through similar issues and been looking for suitable hose on line. There does seem to be an issue of getting “micky mouse” hose printed up as the real stuff

I understand you need SAE J30 R9 standard hose (R10 is the fully immersed version) or DIN 73379 TYPE 3 E (not certain about that spec)

Preferred manufacturers appear to be Gates, Codan, Goodyear or Cohline but finding a source has proved “challenging”

However, I finally found this company http://www.flexiducting.co.uk/automotive_hoses_26.html that appear to have the right stuff.

Anyone used them?


I’ve just finished a kit car build and to be sure it was future proof I used stainless steel hard lines and bio-fuel safe flexibles.

Try here


Does the pipe come fully marked up with Cohline’s name and the DIN spec printed on the outside?

Yes it does.

Cheers - that’s the decision made!!