Lemans 2 Headlamp rubber surround

Does anyone know whether there should be a rubber surround for a rectangular Lemans 2 style headlamp. Mine has one but its getting a bits cracked and deformed. The rubber sits around the lens and seems to cushion the fairing. I’ve seem similar or same on friends SP 650 in nice condition. My Monza has virtually the same arrangement but no rubber at all.

Hope someone can shed light on this. None that I have found from the usual suppliers



My Spada (of a similar era, but has a round headlight) had a rubber trim around the outside edge of the light hole in the fairing. It currently resides in the spares box as it is a nightmare to get the headlight rim back on with it in place.

I think I have the same spada main fairing off my old V50 11with round headlamp hole and this has a trim attach to the fairing. Best fairing ever in my opinion. Mine is redundant as the old V50 was stolen a few years back if anyone is interested. Anyway the rubber gasket or trim around my rectangular lens seems like it would not attach to the fairing - rather it stretches around the outside of the lens. I may have some aftermarket item that isn’t supposed to be there but the friends SP650 as a very similar rubber gasket/trim.

Hi Martin, according to the parts book there is indeed a rubber “gasket” between the fairing aperture and headlight. It is part number 14 74 06 55.

Hope this helps

Cheers, Phil

Thanks for confirming that. Just need to find a supplier if there is one. I’ll call the usual suspects tomorrow and find out.

Thanks again for the pointer


If you google search Guzzi and 14740655 a quick look suggests it is the same as the T5.


It looks like TLM in Holland sell them but they are out of stock at the moment. Cost all of 9 Euros. Buy now before Brexit import duties apply!!