lemans 2 Tappet clearances

Can anyone advise as to gap setting for inlet and exhaust valves on a lemans 2. The book say they are the same but I seem to recall quite a discussion on the subject but can’t find the thread. In particular finding feeler gauges to suit the metric reading required.


I go by “Raceco” settings :-

"Two valve engines

Tappet clearances for the Guzzi big twins should be set to 0.20mm for the inlet and 0.25mm for the exhaust. This also applies to the “modern” Guzzis such as the Sport 1100, Cali 1100i and V11. The factory settings for these bikes are 0.10mm and 0.15mm respectively, but this is to try and reduce engine noise to meet US emissions regulations. With tappets set this tight the engines have trouble ticking over and running cleanly at low revs."

Others may have other notions.


I am having a few problems with tickover having just re-assembled the engine after a rebuild. I am wondering whether the settling has already occurred a little. Haynes and my manual both say 0.22mm for both.

I will have a check

Thanks once again

I go by Corsa Italiana advice many years ago; 0.20 for each.

8 thou inlet, 9 thou exhaust. (0.2 and 0.23mm). Both set at TDC of the compression stroke. Rattling is normal. If they’re quiet they’re too tight. HTH
Mike H2014-06-02 18:05:46

I bought some feeler gauge lengths of .2 & .25mm - can’t remember where a.t.m. but cut in half these reside in the toolkit and avoids confusion. i.e. there are only 2!

Edit: Starrett (sp?) do them.
Mad Farquhar2014-06-03 03:26:19

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iandunmore2014-06-03 10:13:13

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I use the Raceco settings too.