Lemans foam insert at head of tank

Does anyone have a rubber foam insert located at the head of the tank just behind the stem. A friend is restoring his cx100 tank and apparently you can buy a foam insert which sits under the tank cap cover. The new item purchased by him doesn’t seem to fit. Was there a part for this originally? I am thinking of doing my own old lemans 2 eventually so would be interested in knowing whether this was an original part.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen one on a LMII but then I’ve never a CX100 in the flesh :confused:
Not had time to look but is there anything in the Guzzi manuals?
Be interested to find out what function it serves.
Good luck


I wasn’t certain from your post which foam insert you mean. My T3 has the same sort of flap over the filler cap as a LM2, and there is a foam pad on the underside of that. is that what you are looking for, or something between the tank and frame?


No foam shown on the fiches at http://www.stein-dinse.biz/eliste/?sid=7878ga4a734gec17990cg&lg=en
Do not have one on my LMII, but I did faff around with the tank flap locking washer so it did not flap around

On my le mans 2 there are 2 rubber buffers that are mounted on a bracket on the tank (the keep for the lock), the part number of these in gutsibits is TAA93706, hope this helps.

My 1000S has a foam pad behind the steering head, it fits over the tank in front of the filler flap, this is part no.14 57 59 70, in the book the name in English is ‘rubber guard’, the little square of rubber under the flap is 19 10 43 36, called a buffer, though I rather like the German name given which is ‘Gummispuffer’ apparently. I believe the 1000S tank is basically a LM2 one anyway if I remember correctly.

I have just checked the Gutsibits site and they have a couple of the ‘rubber guards’ at the front of the tank in stock, their part number is TAA 14970 it seems ‘Fuel tank front rubber cover’ they call it, there is a picture, price is £30. You could have a look and see if it’s what you want, it’s what’s on a 1000S anyway.

I think it is the fuel tank front rubber cover from Gutsibits and I note this is listed for the 1000s and Cali 2 which is presumably why it doesn’t fit the MK2 or CX100 without being cut shorter.

Thanks for all the replies