Lemans III Body work

Turned my Lemans III into a Cafe racer so dont need all the standard bodywork . I am moving house soon so its got to go .[
I cant figure out how to post a picture here , but we are talking about a whole suit of white clothes .
Fairing /screen , fuel tank (not rusty but has a dent ) tail , side panels and seat . I have some other items like foot rest hangers , indicators . All of the body work including seat/tank and side panels/tail £250 Essex.

Hello Bodgeup, I see you are in the non-members list, the reason that you can’t post photos maybe that you are not a member of the club. If you are then you should contact the forum officer and get your status changed.

Best wishes Chris

Thanks Chris ,
I hope you are well . Use to see you on the Thursday night runs on my V7 Cafe racer .
Can I ask who is the Forum Officer and do I just Pm him ?
Regards to you both

It is Uki Brooker, her contact is forumofficer@motoguzziclub.co.uk

Best wishes Chris

keith 1.jpg

lemans 3 b.jpg

lemans 3 b.jpg

Pm sent

Hi, I’d like to buy the parts if they are still available

I bought them a couple of years ago, sorry (but didn’t get the rev counter now I’ve looked at the photos )

Thanks for letting me know. I’m looking for the odd parts for my LM3 (lower spoiler fairing, LHS side panel black trim etc)

We have 2 mk3,s and some of the parts have been used and I’m afraid the rest are for insurance just in case, sorry

Yes, I saw your blog, very nice!
I have a spare solo seat exactly like the one you have on the red one. Is it comfortable? I think I’ll have to trim the lower front portion for a proper fit around the fuel tank. At the moment it goes over the tank. Got it to save the original from wear and tear

Hi Bodgeup,
I see the white parts are from sunny South Africa! I recognise the ENATIS lisence document. Was the whole bike exported to the UK?

Hi Steph,
The seat is very comfortable, better than the original, I think it’s a Stucci. On ours there is a bit of foam glued around the front which makes it fit perfectly