Lemans mark one front tyre

I need two new tyres for my Le man mark one. In the past I have used Avon roadriders, which handling wise etc are fine.However the front 100/90 18 Avon is a little wide (90mm+) and does touch the mudguard.I would be interested to hear from other owners what tyres they use.
Thanks for any help.
regards Robert Hunter

Hi Robert, I have 90/90 section front tyre in my MK II, Bridgestone Battax and it handles fine !! :slight_smile:

I used to always use Metzeler Laser 100/90V 18 on the front but now you can’t get them I will be using Bridgstone Battlax BT-45 100/90 18 56V on my bike. I’ve not tried them yet on my old 950S but they worked well on my old Spada III. My 950S is a 750S replica and is very similar to your bike.

Pirelli Phantom for ages then a different Pirelli model, can’t remember exactly which (Strada?) but that was a true 100 wide, unlike the Phantom, I had to sandpaper the insides of the mudguard (bolt mounting parts) to stop it rubbing. NB: the early Spada would have the same issue, as the (plastic) mudguard is identical.

Properly I think the front has to be a 90 wide not 100, altho often what I used, albeit a 100, was actually slightly narrower. This also became a bit of an issue on the rear, if a 110 was actually a real 110 wide.

I found Pirelli Phantoms too twitchy in the wet, the performance over white lines in the wet was applaing. I tried to avoid the white lines, difficult when overtaking, so now I avoid the Phantoms.