lemans mk2 38mm forks

just bought a mk 2 which has been mk1 ised however forks seem to be 38mm ! is there an accepted conversion done ? or is this a one off ?

That looks well tidy.
Not sure abut the conversion being an accepted conversion, but certainly makes sense as the earlier forks were a bit bendy. Many parts are interchangeable through the different models.

It looks like the Marzocchi conversion that was available for the le mans.
I bought one from Raceco about 1990/91

thanks for the comments it is in need of a few jobs but looking forward to getting it out and about !

My bike also has 38mm Marzocchi forks, I had them fitted by Guzzi Overland in the mid eighties. They are much stiffer than the standard cocktail sticks and do not require an aftermarket fork brace which was a common solution to original fork flexing.