LeMans Steering Lock replacement

Dear wise owls, I have a Mark II Lemon with the steering lock barrel in place, but no key. My local locksmith says this type of lock has been fitted to squillions of machines including Harley-Davidson (who knew). I know the lock is fairly ineffective, but I’d like to have it working. I can’t see a number on the lock on the outside and locksmith says barrel needs to come out. Has anyone done this or have any advice? Thanks, EnglishA

So far as I know the steering lock on old Guzzis is the same as on BMWs of a similar age.There is a guide to how to get the lock out of a BMW here http://w6rec.com/duane/bmw/lock/They don’t seem to be very expensive to replace but I’ve never bothered. There’s one listed on ebay in Germany here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lenkschlos-Steering-Lock-Bmw-R-5-6-Moto-Guzzi-Le-Mans-Etc-/231177146438?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts_13&hash=item35d33b5046 but I’m sure you can find one closer to home.John

Big padlock and chain or cable lock more use IMHO.

The steering lock is useless and low life break them by banging the handle bars IF it does hold the damage it causes is awful. far better getting one of the alarms as fitted bt Towza they are less than a cheap lock. disc locks are also no deterrent to the yobs that pick a bike up onte a truck with a hyab

The locks are quite easy to drill out as per the instructions as long as your drill isn’t made out of cheese, just make sure that you don’t leave any bits in there or let them drop onto the lower fork yolk .

As good or bad as a steering lock may be here is an experience from last week that will make you see there value.
A friend filled up his GSXR 1000 at a Shell Station in South Croydon, Surrey. He put it on the side stand and went in to pay and while queuing a couple of scroats ran in and pushed it away to the side road where a scooter was waiting to push it away. Despite running full pelt up the road, a biker in full gear and helmet was no match for them.
It gets worse - the insurance company have refused to pay out stating that he should have put the steering lock on and as he left the bike unsecured they have no liability.
Better get that steering lock fixed I think!!

classkawa wrote;the insurance company have refused to pay out stating that he should have put the steering lock on and as he left the bike unsecured they have no liability

Whilst this doesn’t surprise me, it must be in the schedule to be valid and knowing the way the insurance companies work may well be, but worth checking.

I had my car stolen in 2011 and my prescription glasses were stolen from the glove box (I got the car back undamaged). So I put in a claim which was rejected as they were not in a “locked glove compartment” or “locked boot” the claim was invalid. How many cars have locking glove boxes these days? I was not amused but checked the schedule and …there it was in black and white. Sneaky bastards.

It’s like the old saying goes, “you’re insured until you come to make a claim.”

ReggieV2014-04-29 21:24:59