Lemon V carb setting.

Hi , I know that I should already know this but when reading manual and looking at needle setting for carb it states K19 (not a problem) 3rd notch. ? is that starting at the top or the bottom up? Am I just thick.

Cheers in anticipation Les

From the bottom

Not thick just brave enough to clarify your (and others) understanding

Cheers for your help, will attack the carbs with a colour tune over the weekend now I know what I’m doing.


Is it sorted Les ?..

Hi Les
have you seen the Bill McKinnon article on setting up a LMIV?
May be useful, PM if you want a copy.

only just realised I hadn’t updated this. Yes the carbs are sorted now. Used a colour tune which helped immensely. Needed a new needle valve and slide for right carb and dirty main jet on left. Fires up first turn of engine now and although tick over a bit rough when cold , after a few minutes runs like a true tractor…lol