Lifetime commuting distance

I started work in 1972, only had three jobs.

Hit the calculator… 273,000 miles :astonished:

Mine’s around 250000 in 35 years. Most of that in the car, maybe around 10-20% by bike. My total mileage in that period has been around 700,000, of which around 128000 on Guzzis and another 96000 on other bikes, including 86000 on my Triumph Sprint owned for 23 years.
I have only worked for 3 companies in that time, maybe 6 different job titles, but moved house about 11 times. I have only owned 9 bikes and 4 cars, the rest being in 5 different company cars.
1 injury accident, been knocked of the bike 3 times without injury or major damage, slipped off twice (ice and mud), and 2 minor low speed collisions in cars. 2 speeding convictions and one awareness course.

Had to be rescued twice in cars, 3 times on bikes, and one ambulance trip/bike write off. 3 of the rescues for tyres.

20 years on the train to London. 100 mile round trip, 3 hrs including some cycling/walking at each end.

420,000 miles. 525 days of my life I’ll never get back. Mind you, I’ve read a few books.