Lifting the Cali

Built a frame and finally got the Cali off the ground - no more crawling about for me

Needs a bit more fettling and I’m in negotiation with domestic management so that I can use the bathroom scales and work out where the center of gravity is exactly

Hopefully not where the TOE are at the moment

Nope off to the right somewhere in the toe view. It wasn’t that much off any way when I had it in the air - possibly a bit front rear heavy if anything tris2013-11-27 07:44:43

Looks good.
Great to have both wheels off the ground for ease of work,

Where does the lifting frame dock onto the bike?

I photographed the frame on its own the opposite way around to how it is on the bike

It picks up on the two engine mount at the front between the engine and the frame and the rear gearbox mount at the back

The original plan had been to make the upright bits long enouugh to get the sump off with the bike on the jack. That didn’t work as couldn’t then get the jack under the bike+frame

Put both ends of the bike on the bathroom scales (SWMBO permission granted ) last night to find the C of G which if anyone is interested is 830mm back from the center of the front wheel with 1/2 tank fuel

Havn’t had the jack all the way up yet as the base is a bit narrow and I want to make a couple of out riggers for ittris2013-11-27 07:52:11

V interesting. Has anyone solved this problem for the Cali 1400? I have a conventional bike lift which is fine for bikes with a centre stand. I was wondering if I would need to add a scissor type lift to cope with the Cali?

NB those lifts do not work well with the V11 type V shaped sump the bike WILL tilt off EVEN if you strap it, mine did I saved it but gave me a hell of a scare.

They work ok with the flat sump on the V1000/Tonti bikes BUT use the lock to hold them up as the hydraulics can let go.

Cheers for the warning. I assume you’re talking scissor lift here? Is there a solution to the problem of getting it to a comfy workable height?

Just been playing about to see how much the C of G moves depending on what I unbolt/how much fuel there is

I guessed at
10kg per wheel
12kg for the complete front assembly forks calipers etc
16kg for the rear swinging arm complete

With those values the CofG remains within the foot print of the jack

Am I in the ball park with those weights?


Haven’t found a simple answer yet
If I’m doing the full on winter service then it’s up onto the hydraulic bench. Then use a sump lift to support the bike while the wheels are off and the wheels/stand/axle stands when the sump is off and doing the rest.
I avoid scissor jacks where possible but do like the sump lift which uses the same principles on a much more robust basis. The sump lift I have has removable V shaped fittings which may accommodate the V11 sumps but I’ve not tried it.
There was a pretty long thread on this a while ago but this may have been lost.
Hope this helps
All the best


The lift in the pictures is often known as a Sears lift…no idea why… as opposed to a jack or full bench lift