Light bar conundrum

Does anyone know where I can get just a decent strong light bar for my 2000 plate Cali. I have some spots, just can’t seem to find one. Wondering if I should get one custom engineered?

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Have you already resolved the conundrum of whether these are fogs, or spots, and whether you’ll be fitting them to the crash bars, beside the headlight, above the headlight, below the headlight, above or below the indicators, etc? (o:

FWIW, if you’re initially focussed on a mounting bar that attaches to the lower yoke, or across the frame below the tank, then you might find that a search on EBay, and an open mind on the possibility that “for Harley Davidson” might equally be “for any bike” then might yield results… or at least focus your ideas. Or just googling images of Moto Guzzi California (commonly fitted with spots) and seeing what catches your eye as “right” for you.

If the bike is new to you, Russ, you might like to get yourself along to as many meet-ups as poss and see what others do/have done - and if it’s a list of “where do you go for parts and accessories?”, a ‘starter for 10’ list is available. hth!

What about;

ROAD SPORTS (Not compatible with Road Brace) - Renthal Road

Any good for you? Or maybe you could make something similar.

FWIW my 1997 Cali EV had two threaded holes on the underside of the bottom yoke and a factory accessory light bar attached using these. If these are also on your bikes it will be a useful dimension to have.
May be worth contacting a few Guzzi breakers for a used one.

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