Limp Mode

Hi all, I had a very strange incident this morning with my California Custom. (it has covered 3700kms and was serviced at 1000kms). I was cruising at about 150kph when the red warning light on the dash on and the LCD screen alternated between SERVICE and URGENT. the bike went into “limp mode” and I stooped at the side of the road. It seemed to be ticking over at about 2500rpm. I turned off the ignition and then re-started the bike. The red warning light stayed on and the LCD showed “SERVICE”. I then road the bike and it performed normally. I then stopped for about ten minutes and upon restarting the red warning light went out and the LCD screen returned to normal. I then road the rest of the day with no problems occurring. Any thoughts on the root cause of this?

I have a 1400Cali touring never had anything like this happen but I had a griso that when the console got two hot ie in full sun the service warning would come on until you turned the power off then it would reset itself if my Cali is in full sun light in try cover it with a cloth or whatever Is handy good luck there is a warning on my screen about this .

Thanks Del, mine also came with the warning sticker. I don’t think that heat or sunlight was the problem as it happened early in the morning and then the bike was left in the open during breakfast (and it was hot and sunny) and the problem did not re-occur. I will just have to wait and see if it happens again.

If your problem persists you might want to look at the following post on the Guzzitech forum.

Technically, this is beyond my experience, but it could be relevant.

Good luck.