Link to Branches website


I see you have found the branches map, however when I follow your link the map is not there. I will report to the web team


The link works fine for me on my laptop and on my tablet, both using the Firefox web browser.

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It is working again for me now on my PC via Edge, not sure what the problem is :roll_eyes:

Be aware that when the link opens it presents a blank page, scroll down and all is revealed…:slightly_smiling_face:

This is not always the case, I have just clicked on your link Trev, and the page opened with the map visible. I have let the web gnomes know.

Chris, good to meet you at Hinkley the other day and I’ve resolved the issue of the groups map not opening; when selecting the drop down menu it gives an option to open in a new tab … and in said new tab, the map magically opens ! This maybe of some assistance to other members…whilst on the subject I tried to contact the Northampton branch to confirm their meetings…to no avail neither the phone number or the email address appear to be correct…thanks again for your help and see you soon

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Two of us from Peterborough went to the Priory at Wellingborough for the Northants branch social night. A very warm welcome was received.

I’ve just checked Bill’s details and they are correct.

We you using the wrong glasses ? :wine_glass:

Trev, it was not me but another Guzzi rider called Chris. I live in Essex and did not meet you at Hinkley the other day. The clue is in my avatar that is a corrupted Essex badge with the seax melding into Guzzi eagles.

Thanks for your information concerning the branches map, I will pass it on to the web team.

Beat wishes Chris from Essex

:rofl::rofl:my apologies Chris from Essex…

Trev, it is not a good idea to post phone numbers here on a public forum, if you want to confirm a number please use the private message (PM) system

follow this link
It’s Northants Branch coordinator details.

Best regards

Sound advice @Chris950s , but those particular contact details are already in the public domain.

Whoops sorry

The numbers are available on the website so excuse my assumptions regarding this location, I included the number as a reaction to the somewhat insulting inference that was issued against me…

Trev, if you look at the post above I have already apologised. I know that the contact numbers for all of the branches are published on the website, but I assumed that the branches area is a members only space seeing as how I have to sign in. The PM system is private and secure and is the best place for swapping such information.

I missed the somewhat insulting inference that you mentioned, and have looked back at the thread and still cannot see anything there, maybe I am missing something?

Hi, no its fine …lim not that familiar with the protocol…no harm done i hope…