Linked brake splitter valve

Can anyone help please. My T3 has been in storage for a year and I have lost the pics I took of the brake lines as I took them off. I know the rear brake line goes to the bottom connector on the splitter valve but I can’t remember which order the front left disc line and the line to the master cylinder goes. Of the two remaining holes the top one has a smaller internal diameter. The Goodrich lines I brought don’t seem to match up either but that’s a different problem. Thanks if anyone has a thought. Dougie.

It actually tells you in Italian on the valve.
Bottom hole to rear disc.
Top hole forward to front lhs disc.
The other two don’t really matter but from memory second down is brake switch and third down is inlet tube.

Thanks for that, you always come through with the answer. I did wonder what the blanked off middle hole was. Cheers Dougie.