LM1000 Front wheel bearings

I’ve just had my lovely new Koyo 6004-2RS wheel bearings delivered from ‘Simpley Bearings’ of Leigh, Lancashire. @ £11.04 inc VAT and delivery for 2off bearings verses £19.00 inc VAT+ £3.30 delivery from a well known Guzzi spares dealer.
What’s all that about?

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

That you bought off of a specialist bearing dealer.
He will simply stock common bearings which can be used by anyone so go out of the door quicker and can be bought in bigger quantities. Both of those reduce overheads.
He almost certainly doesn’t have an expensive showroom full of expensive motorbikes to pile on his overheads as well.
It is probably cheaper to buy tyres off a specialist tyre dealer than from a Bike dealer for the same reason.

When I worked at Fawley refinery, their maintenance dept. had a contract with Bearings Direct, could walk in the shop, show my Esso ID card and get 75% off, that included balls for the Nuovo Falcone steering head, which was a very funny size!