LM2 with Borrani wheels front Discs

Is there a bolt on disc solution  when fitting Borrani wheels, is it as simple as buying new discs for a spoke wheel model, I did notice that stein dinse list a part number 300039048,Â

but when asked if this was to fit the LM discs to the borrani wheels, they said that they didn’t know,

i assume the disc needs less offset to use the spoked wheels!

Contact NBS.
I fitted Borrani’s to my LM111 and to do that the disc carriers were replaced.
The MK11 had wider forks so mine wouldn’t fit but Nigel may have the measurements and be able to make the new carriers.

NBS is undoubtedly the man to ask!

But as someone who has converted from cast to wire wheels…

My 1000S came with cast wheels, 5 bolt-mounted flat discs.
I was able to find the wheels (separately) the front from NBS and the rear is from a Cali 2 or 3 (?) from Ebay.
Also 5 bolt fittings and flat.


The front fork yokes and spindle also need to be changed as the fork legs are wider apart.
My yokes are from a Cali but smoothed off - so no handlebar mounts…

My first attempt (years ago) earlier with Borrani rims with 6 bolt. dished discs came to nothing because the widths just didn’t seem viable, too wide for my forks.
Maybe if I had known about the yokes etc???

I have found out that the LM2 yokes and forks are the same as used on the spada, and convert, using both cast and Borrani wheels, I have a convert with cast wheels and though the wheels look very similar to the LM2 wheels, the brake discs are much shallower, there being longer mounts cast into the wheel, so the bolt on solution will be convert, spada or any discs from models with the same approximately 20mm dish discs,Â
The wheel spindle and spacer will need to be machined in order to centralise the wheel to the dimension of the Borrani wheel, but it should be easy enough to calculate what length to trim the shoulder and the spacer on the other side,Â

The rear I understand uses the same disc as the LM2, I need to make a top hat spacer, measurements kindly supplied by Ian Dunmore, use the LM2 drive plate and a spacer that fits between the two bearings, and possibly the one through the bevel drive, assuming that I don’t have the LM2 ones, or they are different,

I still thing that stein dinse do the adapters though they are not certain, because they list a convert disc that is 2 piece, after the new year, I will ask them for the dimensions of the adapter!