LM3 Forks incredibly tight in triple clamps

Some time ago I aquired an LM3 that turns out needs a fair bit of work on it which I’ve gradually been working through.
Sundays task was fork removal.
After taking the wheel out (brakes already removed) I thought I could drop the forks straight out but ended up dissassemling from the bottom and taking out the dampers.
However even with all the lock bolts on the top and bottom triple clamps and the top caps removed the stanchions are proving to be a real sod to remove and Ive only managed to get the top triple clamp off. As they dont appear rusted in I’m wondering if there is some size mismatch. I seem to recollect a 0.25mm difference in fork diameters on the LMs so am wondering if a previous owner has forced a slightly oversize set in.
Is that even possible?

If the pinch bolt holes are threaded all the way through, run the bolts in from the wrong (front) side and put a big flat washer in the gap. Tighten the bolt against the washer so it loosens the lower clamp - but no so much as to damage anything.

I always use WD40 around the clamp/forkleg - seems to help a little.

Don’t start bashing it from above as it can mushroom the forkleg (or so I’ve been told)


Taking the forks out of my old V35 Imola II was an arse.
I ended up making a jack system and pressed them out and back in. I spoke with Moto Strada in Shipley. Bob said I had done well to get them in and out again.

Wot Stuv65 sed. Way to go.

I’ve used the same method as Stuv65 too. Just spread the clamps enough to move the fork tubes. Nothing more.

Sadly the threads on the pinch bolts only go all the way through on the top triple clamp (which I.ve already got off).
I suppose I could get a bottoming tap and take the thread all the way through but Im reluctant to do that.
Unless anyone has any othe bright ideas I’ll remove the whole instrument assembly and drop the lower triple clamp out and see what I can do with it off the bike. Maybe with some heat and hydraulic pressure is called for.

Well, a combination of rubber mallet, lube and heat was the answer.
With the instrument cluster, top triple, headlamp brackets and rubbers removed I ‘gently encouraged’ the legs flush to the lower triple then applied heat from a blowtorch around the clamping area and then pulled/twisted the forks free! Not sure this will be too practicle though for reinstallation so may have to consider tapping the clamp hole all the way through after all.