Lodola 175 Sport Kit

I believe that sport kits were once sold by Guzzi to upgrade the Lodola 175. Does anyone know what these consisted off and how to identify them as I have been led to suspect that mine might have had this fitted. I think that these kits were very pricey and rare so it would be nice to know.Many thanks.

cant help you i am afraid but it would be worth checking old motorcycle mags from that period for ads for the parts
Menni would know if any one would
he usually comes over for the singles rally top bloke

Ta.I’ll leave the question hanging for a bit before trying to find an ad which may or may not be there just in case some wise and worthy Lodola specialist knows the answer.I am hoping to get to the singles rally this year and seeing Menni on his holidays,(he usually sees me on mine), would be another of many reasons to attend.

I have pinged message to a friend in Italy that restores classic Guzzi singles- maybe he will know.
Guzzirider2012-04-11 20:32:40

Grazia mille.

Bryan Peck will know, I have no doubt.

What year is yours? Any visual clues to this kit being fitted?

I’ll give Brian a try. I’m not desperate but it is interesting. I bought the bike in Italy. It was part of a large collection and the seller couldn’t speak English but with my limited Italian, I understood that it was “molto speciale” and had been prepared by the factory for endurance road racing such as Milan Tiranto. It has a very nice large sporty tank of the period and is unrestored ‘oily rag’ condition.Machine Dating has the bike as 1957.It’s visual/spec clues that I’m looking for - flywheel, head, valves etc?Oh yes, it also goes very well.

Is that the bike? Tank looks like it’s got a hump in it. Got any documentation in Italian with it?

What is the Lodola like to ride on a short trip, daily basis, summer only ride. I am looking for something a little different for the 22km, country ride to work. What about this? Any suggestions on price? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Moto-Guzzi-Lodola-175-/220996901603?pt=Motorräder&hash=item3374711ae3 Steve

Yes, that is my bike and the tank does have a hump which you’d have a better view of without the numpty sitting on it. The silencer is from a 235cc model until I find a more suitable one. I got no documentation with it and registered it here.As far as riding it goes, it’s very economical but due to it’s age, I don’t ride it all the time but it does like to be ridden and it is a joy to ride. That pic was taken last year at the Scottish Rally which for me was about a 300 mile round trip and was some of the best, most satisfying riding I’ve done - and with full camping/cooking luggage. Very reliable.The ebay Lodola looks very nice as does the price. Buy it and spread the joy.

Nice looking bike. According to all my books, there two types of Lodola 175, Normale and Sport and the Sport was a little hotter, different cam etc. No mention of a kit but that’s not to say there wasn’t one. There were many smaller businesses making ancillary parts for Guzzis, the Guzzino for example had people making cylinder heads, improved gearchange boxes and so on for people who raced them. Tadini in Italy would know. I’ll see if I can dig out a copy of ‘Motociclsimo’ with a feature on the Lodola and see if there’s anything there. Other wise it’s a case of opening the motor and measuring the cc and looking at he cam etc. I had a couple of Lodolas and they’re good fun.

I guess the folk to ask will be Bryan and Graham Hempshall

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