Lodola 1962

This Lodola has come up for sale over here and I was just wondering what you good folk think. Its quite near me but the guy says he has been offered over €1500 for it, which I think is steep? He doesnt say if its a 175 or 235. It is missing some parts like headlight glass, main stand and the front mudguard will need replacing. By the looks of things it has been used offroad. Oh, its not running and doesnt have paperwork? Whats it worth??

Sounds a bit much to me - but - they have gone up in price over the years. I bought a few in Italy for 50 quid each but that was a long time ago. Bit hard to tell form that pic on its own but the tin work on that looks a bit wrecked, repairable, but rough. Handlebars don’t look right. Watch out for cracked ally rims, especially if it’s been used off road! Most spares you’ll find on Italian Ebay but not cheap. I personally wouldn’t want to pay more than £500/€600 but that’s me, and doubtless someone will pay more than that. Depends how much you want I guess. They’re fun to ride…italianmotor2012-03-29 09:23:38

It looks like most of the expensive to replace bits are there, so an easy restoration if the engine is ok. The bars are wrong and the front mudguard has been chopped. Stein Dense do a complete silencer exhaust replacement and most consumables. It’s a 235 GT by the way. Good ones go for up to £2400, but this one will need a bit spending on it, so a grand may be fair if you don’t mind putting in the work. Fun to ride, but not exiting!

if he was offered that eh should have taken it !!
500 to 600 quid max
it needs lots of moeny spent adn its worn out and expensive to fix
last tiem I looked at a bike like this I added up the cost of parts, my time plus buggeration factor and including the purchase price was precisely 2 times the value of a good one in running order

Keep an eye on this one which is on e bay Germany, it may give you an idea:It is said to have original papers and is in original condition. Yes they did do them in that awful green. I think there is a lot of work to do on the Ladola you are looking at and postage from italy is hellish expensive. It would be cheaper to bid on the German bike and come and get it, I would imagine. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Moto-Guzzi-Motorrad-Oldtimer-/140731777470?pt=Motorräder&hash=item20c44481be Steve


Nice Steve.I am sure that will fetch a high price. Yes the colour is naff, I’d have to repaint it:) I have no intention of buying that one I mentioned.He is looking far much and and I am well aware what a good restoration costs.I’ll wait until the right one comes along. Need to finish the zigolo first!

his is a nice Zigolo and nobody is interested in it. I will have a closer look when I get back from Poland. http://www.ebay.de/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-ZIGOLO-OLDTIMER-MOTORRAD-/220995166719?pt=Motorräder&hash=item337456a1ff Steve

Lodola for sale on eblag £500 buy it now.Lodola

I asked the guy some questions but he was very vague about important things like is the engine seized or not. Front wheel is mashed. I’d be interested if was cheaper as I only want a frame and motor…

[QUOTE=Don-Spada] Lodola for sale on eblag £500 buy it now.Lodola


Back on Ebay. Obviously dealer bought it and flogging on. He paid £460 so interesting to see if he wrings out a few more pounds. Not worth more than 250/300 quid I reckon…