Lodola 235GT

Have just bought a very nice Lodola which appears to be in all-round excellent condition about which technically I know very little! Have downloaded a ops manual which is in Italian from which I have gleaned some information but any advice/information on maintenance/running/parts availability would be gratefully received. Many thanks.

There are some English translation parts books and manuals about, if you contact Mike Lacey he should be able to sort you out, either that or learn Italian :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a few Lodola owners using the forum, so if you need anything specific, post in the singles section and someone is sure to help out. Nice, easy bikes to work on with few special tools needed. Parts are fairly easy to source online but getting more expensive. Great to ride and solid as a rock, enjoy!

Dear Mr Twinpot,
Barbara Escher has parts for your bike. She advertises in the club magazine, and her website is Escher.de.
The site is all in German but you should be able to work around that with the help of Google translate ( assuming you don’t speak German ). She has quite a big catalogue of parts for the singles.
Do you have any pictures of your bike ?

Thank you all who have replied for your help and assistance. I now have a riders instruction manual in English via Mike Lacey. I do have images of the bike but I have worked out how to attach them with this reply!!

I cannot claim this method as my own, I merely copied and pasted from the Google Guzzi singles page, but it does have good reports as a way of interpreting Italian pages of the manuals

“Thought I’d share this as it may help some of us. Recently I discovered an app for the iPad, and I’d think other mobile operating systems which is basically a stand alone version of Googles translation website called Translate. It is by Google. Anyway, the cool thing is that you can photograph a page of text and it will use optical character recognition technology and translate the page for you. It works pretty well, although it helps that as a rule we we kind of understand the machines to begin with. Anyway, I’m fairly impressed and thought it may be of use.”

Just to kill the idea that the club is just for V owners, I announce the acquisition of Lodola 235GT, bought blind on ebay from an Essex dealer who travels to Italy to bring back old Lambrettas. Mike Lacey thinks it is quite a late model which is a pity as I’ll have to get it MOTed. Initial problems are side play in swinging arm and very stiff forks. Bryan Peck has been helpful in that direction. If anyone is interested, I’ll be able to supply a PDF file of his 2009-11 articles on the Lodola.

Progress reports and updates in your favourite mag, Gambalunga.

Well done Roger they are a really nice bike to potter around on , I did a 120 mile ride out with a French motorcycle club in September and although mine has the dual seat the comfort was good with none of that “pain in the arse” feeling afterwards .
Yours is a lovely shade of pink by the way :wink:

Hiya Mike…and where is my favourite mag msieur le Shuff ? X

Hello Roger / Fellow Guzzi single owners. Just re-joined the club after 10 year absence (1st post ever) and with amongst other bikes a 235cc Lodola in need of various mechanical repairs/re-conditioniong to make rideable again which is main objective. Can you send me or guide me please in direction of the previous Lodola articles you refer AND where can I get hold of some swinging arm bushes (worn is an understatement) , rear brake shoes & stop-lamp switch , for example?

THANKS to members who have answered my questions , past week or so, regarding my ‘re-comissioning’ of my Lodola 235 which were all helpful. Still search for some swingarm bushes (maybe go to local machine shop now) and another rear wheel or at least a useable hub to respoke? Andrew (Worcs).

How can I obtain the magazine articles you refer to plerase? These are technical / restoration relevant hopefully? Andrew(Worcs)

I you would like a photocopy of a Workshop manual (English) let me know and with an SAE I’ll happily post back to you. AndrewF.