Lodola coil and regulator mounting

I am currently attempting to over haul a modified 235 Lodola. The battery box had been removed and the space used to mount the battery, coil and regulator. I am reinstating the battery box but can’t work out the original mounting of the coil and regulator.
Has anyone got any photos?

The parts book is available as a free download from hereThis should show you how things go together (and what you are missing!)Also the workshop manual etc should be availableGuzzitekOther Guzzi download sites may be available, but I like this one as it is easy to find your way around.Whole list of sites to download free Guzzi info is hereWorkshop manuals…

Hi Simon. The regulator attaches to the bracket mid way along the top rail and the coil bolts to the brace behind the headstock. Wiring loom can be bought ready made on E-Bay but it’s so simple you can make one easily and cheaper.

Hi Nick,
That’s great thanks. Have you any pictures as none of the parts lists, manuals etc. Seem to show the detail.

I’ll whip the tank off and take a snap when I get a moment.


That would be fantastic. Many thanks,

Not sure how to upload photos here, but try this link:

Nick from Kent2012-10-25 19:01:47

Absolutely brilliant thanks. Will send a happy few hours in the garage tomorrow sorting mine out.

Another question! Where is the standard mounting position for the brake light switch? My bike had a non standard switch botched onto the silencer bracket.
Thanks, Simon

Simon - crappy phone pic but on the 235 I have here at the moment (and the same on all most likely as the current for it runs off the wiring running to the points), it’s mounted with two screws on the clutch actuating arm mounting, underneath the r/h case cover. See here:

Not an obvious place. Many thanks for the response.

Just studying the photo it looks like a different brake actuating arm than the one I have. Could you take a photo from further back? Thanks again.

Does this help

It does thanks. I seem to have a different brake operating arm.

Nope it’s not a different lever. Someone has cut of the arm that actuated the brake light switch. Don’t you just love old bikes!

Wasn’t that bike in Ebay in big lumps was it?

No. It’s one I bought in Italy. It had been ‘modified’ for hill climbing and runs very well. I just intend to tidy it up and have some fun on it over next summer. If all goes well I’ll do the cosmetics next winter.

Ah yes, think I saw it on ‘Car and Classic’. Had/has an external oil cooler?

That’s the one. I think it has lead an interesting life!