Lodola GT Back on the road again

Finally got the Lodola an age related plate and got her back on the road after many years of abandonment. The engine makes quite a bit of whirring noise though, made obvious by the super quiet Silentium. I guess that’s the straight cut primary drive, and not the bearings which were fine on the rebuild. Is this normal? Checked a couple on youtube and they rattle a fair bit too! She was brought over from Italy as a seized wreck and lay in the back shed at Scooterworks for years before I bought her from Craig there. The external oil feed pipe had burst at some point, presumably showering the riders Gucci loafers in Mobiloil, but also preserving the engine in a thick film of oil, underneath which was a workable bike.
I took some pic’s before the rain set in:

Lodola before and after


PS the fancy gaff in the photo isn’t mine unfortunately, but I liked the Alfa!Nick from Kent2013-10-23 09:12:41

Looking good, you must be well pleased with it. Regarding any noises, Bryan Peck would be the man to ask. He must be the club expert on the Lodola, but never visits here as far as I am aware.Have you seen the one on ebay £2,750 for a basket case.

Nice work Nick. Don’t know about the whirring, mine makes too much noise through its silencer to hear much else. I too this week got my V5 and age related number through for my 235, barn find condition. But I’ll be selling mine soon to help finance my super street Lodola Scrambler project…
Think £2750 is a bit much for a basket case. I was thinking of asking 2500 for mine, MOT, tax, V5, all road legal.

Last timeI spoke with Brian Peck, he reckoned about £2400 was the going rate for a 235, but that was two years ago, so £2500 might be right now. I’d be interested to know if you get that much as I need to update the insurance value on mine.
NickNick from Kent2013-10-24 13:42:07

Yours would be worth more I guess as it’s restored. Mine is recommissioned so cosmetically challenged, but I like them like that. Pic here: Lodola

There is also a 1958 175cc Lodola asking price of £2,495. A bit more reasonable for a tidy looking machine (although not on the road)

Adam, that looks like a Stornello chainguard on the back of that Lodola!Don-Spada2013-10-24 15:20:44

Think you’re right Don, never noticed that before. Well, came on the bike and has aged like the rest of the bike so I guess it was added many years ago. Sounds to me like the Lodola for sale you pointed out needs quite a bit of work to finish it off, then there’s getting it registered which nowadays is not as easy as it was as I found out. Time and money!italianmotor2013-10-24 15:42:40

Thats an excellent job Nick. The problem is knowing when to stop findeling with them