Lodola kickstart

Any one out there with a Lodola kickstart they would like to move on ?

I could do with a couple as well and the shafts too( apologies for the hijack :wink:)

Hey no need to apologise at least you posted something .
Seems the Guzzi forum is really for the v twin owners ( I have v twins and singles ) any way regarding the Lodola kickstart I managed to find a good welder who managed to repair it and also the brake and clutch levers a good result . I now have to talk him into repairing a crack in the rightside outer engine cover .

Glad you got sorted out. The problem I have is that I have 3, possibly 4 engines and only 1 kickstart lever. The other problem is the kickstart shafts, being a left foot kick, they cross through to the other side of the engine (this is for people who don’t know the Lodola motor :wink:) and even though the kickstart is aluminium they still manage to twist the splines on the shaft, all the shafts that I have are affected in this way, so they need replacing or obtaining. If you know of any going spare I’d be grateful for a heads up. I may have to have a go at making some, I’ve got a lathe and a mill but not much experience using them, so that should be good for a giggle :smiley:.

Unless you are trying to go for originality why not go for the way some other manufacturers use to secure the kickstart lever to the shaft . The cotter pin is a strong and tough fixing they take a lot of force on bicycle peddle cranks ( 15 stone of rippling muscle bouncing on one peddle :laughing: ) any way just a thought . I hope you find some shafts and levers .

Having just purchased a 'Lowloader’at Stafford…I have all this to look forward to ! :laughing:

Well done :slight_smile: . You have now reached the zenith of Guzzi ownership :wink:

:laughing: will put a pic up later…

Well as there’s “Bellagio Banter” and “In the Loop” on the banter page how about “Larking Around” for the Lowloader ranks?

Larkin about…?

Lodola translates roughly as Lark, the feathered type. A lot of Italian manufacturers used bird names for their bikes,seems my weird sense of humour was lost in translation.

Ha…I think tis perfick…will start it later with a picture of the wee bird… :laughing:

Hi, I have just bought a brace of Lodela projects (lucky me!). They were both born as 175s but one is fitted with the 235 engine. The kickstarts will not engage on either machine, although I was assured by the vendor that the engines turn OK on the flywheel. I have removed the offside engine cover on the one with the 175 engine and found that the sprocket which appears to be the one that engages with the kickstart quadrant is rolling free - not attached to its shaft. HELP PLEASE. Does anyone know what the problem is here? I have downloaded an Italian parts book (thank you Adriano) and it looks like there might be a circlip that secures this sprocket, but I may be way off track. Me no speaka Italiano, I’m afraid. Practical help/advice would be appreciated. I live in Suffolk by the way.

Should anyone need a Lodola kickstart ratchet completely rebuilding with new replacement parts I do know of a company who will do this…

Cheers, Ben Tomlin

Just a thought Gavvers re your January post on Lodola kickstart, you may have sorted out your problem but it does sound like your kickstart ratchet sprocket has failed like mine did…as I said in my last post I do know of a company who will fix your problem, reply to this if need be and I’ll post details of who to talk to…

Cheers, Ben