Lodola parts

Lodola 235 parts, left over from when I rebuilt one quite a few years ago. The bike came with most of 2 engines, so this is what I was left with - crankcases, crankshaft, cylinder head, airbox and a load of smaller parts, see photo. I have more photos if required.

Looking for £100 for the lot (Bryan Peck valuation!) Don’t really want to split as need the space hence clearout.

Located near Dalkeith, Edinburgh, but if it’s any help next week 02/03/24 I will be driving to West Yorkshire and then Suffolk to visit a friend so could bring the parts with me.

Open to offers, and I suppose I could split if there’s anything in particular you need. Seems a shame to take it to the dump, it’s all useable stuff I think.

The side cover is cracked and there’s some surface rust/corrosion, but nothing that wouldn’t clean up.

There’s not many singles people on the forum, if you are on facebook, the clubs buy and sell page is more likely to get some interest. Certainly don’t take it to the tip!

Most of us are married! :rofl:

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