Lodola Regolarita replica

Hi, new to this site, but recently found a reasonably complete '60 Lodola 235 without forks or swing arm. As I’m a regular Exeter/Land’s End trial competitor I thought the Regolarita style looks really business-like so that’s what I’ll aim for.

No doubt there’ll be lots of bits missing and stuff to make but right now the forks and swing arm are the most important.

Anyone have a set of suitable (32mm I guess) Cerianis plus yokes or a swinging arm for sale? Yeah, tall order, I know, but otherwise it’ll have to be something far-eastern instead.

Cheers, Rick

I am doing something similar with a 160 Stornello, I bought a Suzuki 125 front end and trying to work out some bearings to mount it on the Stornello headstock.
Good luck in your hunt for the parts.

Hi Rick,

Motorad Teile Hannover ( aka MTH ) appear to have what you are looking for. A choice of red or blue swing-arms, plus some forks.


Good Luck.

I have bought from them from their eBay shop. Don’t pay the asking price, haggle with them first. Their prices start high.

thanks guys. I have a pair of Yamaha fork legs DT175 or similar so I’m looking into machining up some yokes in suitable alloy in a ceriani/marzocchi style. I can get a pair of cerianis secondhand but I’ll need to alter the stem etc so probably just as simple to build from new.

Sadly the brake plate may need to be butchered but I think I can modify it in a way that can be rescued at a later date…

I’m checking out the Lodola frame headstock for the bearing cups - it looks like they are a snug fit and renewable? If so where can they be sourced from and what size balls and how many? Is there a parts book available?

Many thanks for your replies.


Hi I am looking to graft a 125 Suzuki front end onto my Stornello and have been pondering a similar problem. I am planning on adding a short sleeve top and bottom of the headstock to accept taper rollers. I will probably use some from a T140 Bonneville that just happen to be exactly the same diameter as the headstock. I (a mate) will machine up a new stem (19mm diameter solid bar) to fit the Suzuki yokes.
I am planning on using the Suzuki front wheel
This was a mock up of how it might look. I need some slightly longer rear shocks.
How long are your DT forks? The ones I have are a bit too long and a few inches shorter wouldn’t go ammiss.

March 20 by Don West, on Flickr

Hi Don

forks are 33mm dia and 780mm overall long. They need to be 730 long unloaded so I may shorten them. But they have a centred axle, and the extra length might be useful in adjusting the length and therefore trail to get the steering to be what I want at the height I want.
IMG_1514 (768x1024).jpg
The rh set are Honda CB360T forks for a BSA 250 trials rebuild for comparison.


They are about the same length as the Suzuki ones I have. The yokes are very flat, but the wheel spindle sits in front of the leg so am hoping that will help with the trail.