Lodola wiring points

Hi hope someone can help I am preparing a lodola to sprint and have put a very simple wiring layout on the bike
Battery to switch - coil - points
It was running great but recently just caught fire, it’s shorting out to the frame
I’ve changed coil and condenser but still shorting
I am looking at the points just changing them and am unsure where the insulating washer should be
has anyone got a diagram or can tell me how the points should be insulated from the body of the bike or has any other ideas as to why?
Thanks Kevin

Not sure specifically on the Lodola, but basically you need to keep the power from the coil isolated from the engine. The only metal point to touch is the final contact whre it opens and closes. There is usually a plastic washer fitted where the spring and wire connects.
If it was working before, what did yo change last?

Thanks Don can’t remember changing anything
I had to make an isolating washer for the spring on the points it wasn’t sparking and that was missing
It was running well although I haven’t run it for long
Then it melted the earth to the frame (I put a clear lacquer on the battery box so the earth might not be as good?)
Should the live feed to the points and the condenser connections be together ?
Thanks Kevin

Hi Kevin
Yes the condensor should be on the feed wire to the points and the spring. The wire should also be isolated from the engine, the casing should be eathed.
Sounds like you need to go round with a multi meter and look for shorts to earth on the wiring. A lack of earth won’t cause a wire to melt, but it could stop it sparking, depending on how the Lodola ignition system works.

Are you the same Kevin that bought a Stornello from Northamptonshire a few years ago?

Thanks for that sorry for the delay in responding
Think I’ve found the problem
The insulator on the points had moved and the points were shorting out
No not the same Kevin

Good to hear you have it sorted, sounds like it was a simple fix.