Loop Bits

Who are folks using for Loops parts supply in the UK? Thanks.

We try all the usual suspects…but theres a chap about a mile away from us who has brought loops in from the states and occasionally has parts…anything in particular ?

Just problems with getting the right bits really. Seems to be some slight controversy on what it is that I actually have, and what might have been swapped out by POs. Usual old bike issues.

I get most of the general service items from Gutsibits and always worth asking them for secondhand stuff.
Cheers Ian

Hi, why in uk, only ask because although useing Gutsibits in uk theres a very good company in Germany that Ive used with great service, quick postage and lots of stock and competative prices, there called Stein Dinse. go to http://www.stein-dinse.com worth a look.

I use Gutsibits for general service parts, points gaskets etc.They even supplied me with a complete four-speed gearbox.If I need something that they haven’t got, I go to Stein Dinse or Teo Lamers in Holland.
eBay can sometimes provide but no longer for me since my Paypal account was hacked and Paypal/eBay treated my case with complete indifference. :imp:

Thanks all, and I’m certainly not averse to sourcing parts from further afield. Currently trying to sort some replacement brakes shoes for the front from those good folks at Gutsibits.

I’ve had good results getting my front shoes re-lined from villiersservices.co.uk and I’ve been surprisingly impressed with my front brakes performance, mind I’m no hero and I also replaced and upgraded my front cable at the same time.
Cheers Ian

I sent mine to Industrial Friction in Cardiff to get them re-lined.

Thanks, don’t want to take the bike off the road right now to do that. And it’s marginal, but I don’t want to ride the bike with no shoes at all. Hopefully I will now have some noo shoos winging there way over in the next week or two.