Loop cables.

I am finally in the position to finish building my Ambassador (usually on my hands and knees looking for dropped nuts etc.)

It is a 1971 Ambassador Police model, with the police bars.

I need a front brake cable (without switch) and a clutch cable (4 speed)
Gutsibits can’t order due to the Italians being on holiday till September!

Does anyone know the part numbers?
Or better still the lengths.
Or even better still a photo and the lengths so I know what bits to order to make one of each.

Cheers John.

If you can give details of the lengths, free lengths and end fittings (Or if you have old cables) JJ Cables or Venhills will make them up for you.

You might find the cable measurements on Greg’s Site.
Good luck with finishing the build.
Cheers Ian

I have no cables to measure, but I have just ordered a load of bits from Venhills. I decided to make a heavy duty brake cable as I did on my Eldorado (sold) as the standard one was like an elastic band. I will do likewise with the clutch cable. Should have thought this through before posting!

I made my clutch cable up. I modified some T3 Cali throttle cables to fit in my Tomasselli twist grip. I need to do something with my front brake cable, it too is like elastic. It has a very strange adjuster arrangement at the hub which may be difficult to replicate.

Clutch cable on eBay… 382439525749

Housing length about 63 1/2" / 162cm, free length 3 3/4" / 95mm. Suitable for Police handlebars only, no good for civilian.

Front brake cable, 27 on list


I try not to buy from gutsibits unless I have no other choice, especially cables!

Now there’s a coincidence. I was just reading a thread on “Adventure Rider” forum, from a few years ago about an Ambassador restoration in which you were starring England Kev.

My new brake cable for the Ambassador will be using 2mm 19 core (I think that’s how many) with no brake switch - that is now on the lever. The original on my Eldorado had a skinny cable and switch, so there was slack all over the place and it stretched like buggery.
I asked the question initially because I thought someone would might know of a good ready made to save me having to make one. My Venhills order arrived today so I am making a new clutch cable as well.

Buying from the US is devilishly expensive. Gutsibits are great for most stuff - I think. I use Stein Dinse, Teo Lammers and other German and Italian dealers too. I also buy stuff from all the foreign Ebay sites too, but their prices seem to have gone up a lot lately. My bike is a US import, as was my Eldorado. I’d love to be able to fill a few containers with bikes and bits, there are still loads of cracking cheap stuff out there.

Perhaps we should form a syndicate and do exactly that (not necessarily joking).

I’m up for it.