Loop Clutch.

Is the clutch plate the starter engages into available as a separate part? (sorry don’t know the correct term)

I can’t see it listed with a part number or title.

Mine has a worn edge and while I’m poking about in the engine I’d like to renew it.

If anyone should have one for sale, I’m your man!

I am probly barking up the wrong tree" but I think the part your looking for is called a starter " sprag" clutch. best of luck whith it .buzz,

I think you mean the starter gear, large diameter with teeth around the outside that bolts to the flywheel and the starter pinion engages on. In my 850T parts book it is part numbered 17 06 79 00 which I believe is a similar set up to yours?

It is listed in The V7 Ambassador parts book as a Ring Gear (starter motor) with part number 12 06 79 00. It bolts to the flywheel and the starter motor engages on the teeth around the outside.

Part number from http://www.thisoldtractor.com/mg_manuals/spare_parts_catalog_750_1aed.pdf Tavola (Plate) 3

Thank you !!!

Looking at the Teo Lamers site recently, believe he has one for a T3, do not know if that is the same.

It seems that my initial concern was unfounded.
I thought the side of the teeth had been chewed off, not knowing that there was a 45 deg angle there in the first place and that a degree of chewedness is normal.
So it’s a case of learning something else new - something that will happen a lot on my Ambassador rebuild.