Loop Flashing.

Ok all you elecrickery wizards, my Eldorado has come to entertain you.Indicators work, but flash very quickly. They usually start with a slow flash or two and then flash fast. Not unlike when there is a bulb blown, but they all work. It has hazard lights, and a two pin flasher unit.Went and bought a ford unit from the local car shop, but that doesn’t work at all.Remove the flaher unit and the indicator illuminates, but doesn’t flash.Not being a wizard I’m at a loss. Could it be earth related?Going to work on the front brake light which has no wires to the switch at all, whilst you solve my problem!

yes I’d say the earths are worth a check…

i’ve got the chiltons manual on disc you can if you want (ive got a hard copy just in case I get another ‘loop’ :slight_smile: )

I find hard copies so much more easy to use, can you get them anywhere? Thanks for the offer though.

I never use the indicators on mine. Switch is on right bar which makes it difficult. Just rely on road position and an occasional hand signal. Are bulbs all correct rating? My little Suzuki had an odd one which upset the flash rate, but only on one side.

Did they work before?
If so…
Any changes to the bike since?
Faulty flasher unit?
Best of luck

I found some flasher units in my Guzzi stash. Little rectangular one nothing - in bin. Round one, all over the place - in bin. Second round one, steady flashing, but just a little quick, nice internal click - that’ll do!My bike has the original pill box switches which are a little hit and miss and the indicators on the right too.

You went and got a Ford one ~ would it have 3 spade connectors by any chance? Mine’s a Ford one like that and one of the blades has to be connected to earth. (aka Frame / batt. neg.) Else am do not want to play. This is 'cause inside is a complete electronic circuit, with silicon chips and things, believe it or not. Has to have a constant 12V supply to work.

   Where do you live? Just so I can be sure to avoid running you down with my car because I'm not expecting you to appear in front of me without indicating first.

I have no indicators on my 750. Occasional hand signals on roundabouts. I’ve done various riding courses with current/ex police riders and the majority of them said indicating on a bike was pointless most of the time.

+1 Have been advised that Ian’s approach of being conspicuous, road position and hand signals.
All the best

I’ve no indicators on my push bike either!I keep my eyes open whichever motorbike or pushbike I’m on. Hand signals on roundabouts (easy with left hand) and I’ll sometimes reach across to indicate right if I’m going to be stuck in the middle waiting to turn. Near Stafford in answer to the question Mike.

After fixing wrong side flashing (switch left, idicators flashing on other right) I still have fast flashing. Whilst changing the rear indicators over I added an earth wire to make sure and with lenses off I noticed that when the indicators were flashing right the left front bulb was flashing very dimly too.Other than swapping wires at the front I have not investigated further, so why is this happening? Probably been doing it all along, but not visible with lenses on. Hazzards work ok. Could this be linked to fast flashing?I hate electrics.

I also had earthing problems. Indicators were standard lucas (together with imp threads and nuts!) which appeared to earth via metal paint on plastic indicator body! Gave each indicator it’s own earth then said bllx and took em orf! Looks better without.

Put an electronic one on and it flashes perfectly now.