Loop Frame Brake Cable


Is anyone with a loop frame, drum braked bike still using the brake light switch halfway down the cable ?
I’m only asking as I’ve just read the following on Gregory bender’s site…
In my opinion, this is critical to getting adequate braking performance. No matter how good a person sets up a front brake, the presence of a brake switch in-line with the cable will always deteriorate braking performance at least a little bit. In my experience, the presence of a brake switch is a major contributor to poor braking performance.

Now I’ve just replaced the brake shoes, front and rear, and have some difficulty in getting the front shoes to have enough bite while at the same time not be rubbing. Next move would be to get a new cable. Cutting out the switch on the cable means rigging up an alternative either on the brake lever, or else down by the brake drum. Again, Gregory Bender has several examples, but they all look a little unsightly to me.
Has anyone done this ?

I still have the switch in the cable. Mine is the double-sided brake, so there is a switch in one cable, but not the other. It’s never been a fantastic brake but it’s good enough when adjusted regularly.
If you can’t get the adjustment you need, maybe consider moving the lever on the splines?

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Insurance is sorted and I’ve finally ordered a helmet so might get the bike out on it’s first test run at the weekend, and will see how the brakes perform. A new cable is probably a good idea.
First time riding a bike in over 20 years so I won’t be going too far, or fast.

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Never bothered with the front switch (did not know it ever had one!) in nearly 20 yrs of ownership, just relied on the rear one