Loop Frame Eldo 850 clonking sound

My 1973 Eldorado had a rebuilt gearbox fitted after my 5 speed became a 4 speed. At first it seemed OK albeit a bit noisy, but started to develop a clunking noise when moving off and on transition from drive to over-run. I checked the free play at the wheel when any gear is selected and there is quite a lot, along with the clunking sound. I suspect UJs are breaking up rather than final drive slop. Does this sound right?

I live on the south coast near Brighton. Can you recommend anyone to fix it for me? I am not confident in my own ability to do the work. I have a suitable trailer so could deliver the beast.

I am told that U/J failure would give bad vibration, especially in the RH footpeg.

Drop the oil out of the bevel box and see if any bits come out? On some of these 850cc loops, the level plug is too low (Guzzi!) so they need to be filled by volume of oil not to the plug. Running them low kills the bevel box.

If it’s the U/J it’s not too bad to pull the swingarm out and replace or repair the U/J. Did mine last year as a precaution before a long trip.

If you need someone to sort it out, try Nick Wallis. He has a workshop near Barnham, Wesr Sussex. His e-mail is nikwallis@hotmail.com. Phone number 07980 639289.
Good luck,

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