loop frame indicators

I am coming towards the end of a complete rebuild of my 1969 v700 loop frame, I am fitting it with indicaters and want to have a warning light. There are four warning lights in the speedo two of wich are oil and generator, as with either of these coming would be relativly serious and I would stop the bike, could anyone out ther with more knoledge than I on the subject tell me if I can splice the two wires together into one light and use the now vacant one for indicators? Any help would be appreciated.

Rather than a light why not fit a buzzer? I have added one to my Stelvio, it sounds like a lorry reversing but you never leave the indicator on by mistake

See below for more thoughts :slight_smile:

Oil light is lit when the switch goes to earth and the charging light comes on when the generator is producing insufficient charge. Both are supplied by +ve supply so in theory it could be possible, but I would not suggest it. The oil light could indicate a problem that requires an immediate stop or just a top up, and the generator light could mean dirty brushes or a failure, in any case it would be much harder to diagnose the problem let alone know which system the problem is with. Why not use the neutral light as an indicator warning light? You generally know when you are in neutral without the light and if your bike is like mine the neutral light rarely works anyway!

Hi Chris, yes not thought of a buzzer, sounds like a plan (have to admit have on occasion left them on, on my other bikes). Not sure about my neutral light yet as not had the bike on the road. I was going to fit LED’s will the buzzer still work on them?
Thanks for your help.