Loop frame Neutral cut out

So my '72 Eldo Loop has a cut out on it so that you can’t start the engine unless the bike is in neutral. More of a danger device than for safety to my mind, so I’ll be looking for it and then bypassing the wiring.

Anyone know if this was standard fitment?

Not sure if this will help or not, but there is a police Eldorado wiring diagram available in this link. Not sure how I found this website, but there is all sorts of odd information in there.


Riders handbook…

Mine is disabled - was like that when I got it. I never leave it in gear anyway.


In the wiring diagram on Guzzitek https://guzzitek.org/gb/ma_us_uk/ChiltonV7_V7Special_850Eldo.pdf the starter motor relay (51) is connected to the neutral indicator cut-out (39) by a black wire to terminal 85 (top right) on the relay. Terminal 86 (bottom right) has a brown wire from the starter button (33), terminal 87 (top left) has a red wire to the starter solenoid (24) and terminal 30 (bottom left) has a red wire from the voltage regulator (22)

Looking at the diagram the current to the starter motor solenoid runs from terminal 30 to terminal 87 when a smaller current is connected between terminals 85 and 86. 85 goes to earth from the neutral light switch when the bike is in neutral and current gets to 86 when the starter button is pressed.

To remove the ignition cut-out, disconnect the black wire from the neutral switch (39) and attach it to a good earth anywhere convenient.

Hope this helps :confused:

Hey thanks folks.

I’d had the bike quite a while before I found this handy feature … panic ensued for a moment. Seems quite, err, advanced for a motorcycle of this age.