Loop frame rear brake

Had a puncture last night so I’ve got to take the back wheel out tonight. I’ll take the opportunity to clean out the brake and maybe fit the new shoes I’ve got in stock. The thing that’s bothered me in the past is my brake lever.
On my bike, it points downwards, and the pull-rod from the pedal shaft goes under the axle. I’ve never seen another like this.
Is it put together wrong, or is this OK? I think I can take the lever off and turn it over/round.

Mine is up and over - although it is a V7 Special chassis, not 850GT

Mine is now up and over too. Angles look better so hopefully brake will be improved. Will find out tomorrow.

I thought the front brake was an evil finger-trapping device, but the rear is worse. Luckily didn’t need to fit the new shoes, but will need to make/borrow/buy the spreading tool for when the old ones are worn out.

Rear brake is a bit better but not really much difference.
Front brake has about 300 miles on new shoes now and is getting better. Will adjust again, although I’m keeping expectations realistic.