Loop frame static timing marks

I’m setting the static ignition timing on my Eldo. WHich mark on the generator ulleu wheel should I be lining up with the mark on the engine casting?

There are 4 marks, If rotating clockwise from the front, This Old Tractor site says use the 3rd mark, Chilton’s manual seems to suggest the first mark.

Which one’s right or am I just confused?


Hi if you go back on thisoldtractor and under workshop manuals find “the shade tree mechanic” manual. I’ve used this to do the static timing and when I service the bike always worked good for me.
Cheers Ian

Hi Ian,

Thanks, it’s a good find. That says the third mark which is what I used.


I do mine with a strobe. I generally set it to achieve correct full advance, which comes out a little bit more than the book value at idle.
I don’t think they are too fussy though.

Thanks, having managed to successfully electrocute myself doing it this way I might try a strobe next time :smiley:

Have you been “enlightened “ ? :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: something like that!

Strobe is not without hazards. I usually manage to either burn myself or melt the strobe wires on the exhaust pipes!