Loop frame tyre choices

Hi as per title really i need to source new tyres for the Ambo’ and whilst there seems to be a good selection for the rear fronts seem to be a different issue, just wondered what people on the firum were running on their bikes
thanks Chris

I’ve got Avon Roadriders on my 850GT.
Quite happy with them, enough grip to touch the stand down occasionally.
Can’t remember the sizes, but they are not all marked for both front and rear use.

I use Mitas H06 4.00x18 at both ends. They seem fine to me but I’m no racing god!

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I use bt45s 120x18 rear and I think 100x18 front. I really like the way the bike handles with these tyres on very sure footed and planted ,they are very sticky, however the down side is I’m going to be lucky to get 4000 miles out of the rear. I’m due to change the rear tyre soon but despite the low mileage I’m getting from them, I’ll still be replacing with the same as reckon I’ll struggle to find better.
Cheers Ian

Thanks for the replies seems there are more options than i thought

Checked my sizes today - 4.00-18 on rear and 110/90-18 on front.
These are virtually identical in size but 4.00-18 Roadrider only has marking for rear fitment. 110/90-18 is marked for both front and rear but is a bit more expensive. I think I’ll drop front down a size next time as wear marks/chicken strips suggest it’s too wide.
The last rear did about 8000 miles.