loop gearbox return spring

Hi all, it seems that my gearbox return spring on my Eldo has broken, maybe someone out there has done this before, would the gearbox have to be taken off the engine or can you take the back gearbox cover off with the engine tilted in the frame, I guess it would be better to have the gearbox on a bench, bell housing down so that the gearbox shafts are vertical, any advice would be welcomed. Thanks

I’m told that on the 4 speed box you can remove a plate somewhere on it to replace the spring. But being an Eldo you have a five speed - that is what mine is anyway. I did this job last year and the box had to come out to do it. With enough bits removed you can angle the engine up in the frame, pivoting around the front fixing bolt, until the box will just come off the back.

Dogs on some of my gears were badly worn (88k miles on the clock) and I sent it all off to Nigel. He had the dogs welded and re-machined, checked all the bearings - replaced one, shimmed the shift drum and fitted the new spring. Box came back all buttoned up and ready to fit. I also replaced the clutch and rear crank oil seal whilst I was in there.

If you want to talk to Nigel then Google NBS Guzzi. He is a top bloke.

Hope this helps.

He had the dogs welded and re-machined,


Thanks for your reply cyclobutch,I did replace front and back oil seals and also the clutch, clutch body and starter ring a couple years ago when having purchased the bike decided to dismantle check it all out and rebuild it, it had only 44k on the clock so i left gearbox and engine on the whole alone, as it happens i went ahead and took the gearbox off yesturday thinking this was the best aproach, glad I did as it was a bugger getting the back casting off the gearbox, well glued on with gasket seal and I do think putting it back together that its the only way to do it is off the bike, just got to order the spring, gasket and the few o rings that are in the casing and put it all back together. Dont half miss it when its off the road, luckily the Spadas running well. Cheers

Might be a more common requirement than you think. I also had to have this work done on Blue when I sent him the box. It’s a replacement speedo on that one so I’ve no idea of what the total mileage might have been. It’s a lot (huge amount) cheaper having this done than replacing the worn gear set with new.


It wasn’t the frequency, just that it can be done at all!

Hi, just to round this off, Ive now replaced the gearbox return spring, I did find though that I had to slightly bend the new one to get it to stay in position on the retaining post otherwise one pawl just kept popping off, I guess these are pattern parts and arnt quite an exact copy of the original, which is always irritating, if you go to the trouble of making a copy of something why not go the extra inch and get it right, why stop at nearly right. There we are gripe over job done!